Axis Studios

It’s not about us, but we, at Axis. Always with enthusiasm, we care for the success of each of our clients, as if they are part of our immediate family. Because, to triumph together, we must work together.


Video Suite

Motion Graphics, Compositing for VFX, Rotoscoping, Offline Editing, 4k Online Video Editing, Encoding and uploading for media delivery, Dailies - Backups - Transcoding - Web Delivery - Audio Sync deliverables, Over 50 TB of storage capable of running 4K with ease

Sound Design

5.1 Mixing Suite, ADR, Phone Patch, Source Connect (ISDN through bridge), Skype, Transfer & restoration from LP's DAT & Cassette to digital, Pro Tools HDX System (Lots of plug ins including Focusrite, Waves, Fairchild, Joemeek, Sony Oxford and many others. Universal Audio Mic Preamps, Diversity of mics, AKG, Sennheiser, Neumann, Shure. 9 ' X 1 1' Vocal Booth, Huge Sfx's Library, Stock Music (APM, Firstcom), Post scoring services upon request

Color Grading

Davinci Resolve Color Grading Suite, Sony BVM X-300 4k HDR OLED Mastering Monitor, Tangent Element Panel, LG B6 65 inch OLED Client Monitor, DCP Creation and Delivery

What do the pros say?

“Frey is my first, second and third option,
when it comes to sound design. He always makes me look good”

–Ricardo Martí, Creative Director